“When it comes to pointe shoes, only feeling is believing!”
Chan Hon Goh
Principal by Chan Hon Goh™

How do injuries happen?
How can Diamond Pointes help?

"Principal by Chan Hon Goh™ has begun the thought process that will lead to a decrease in compensation and injury and an increase in power, control, and longevity by putting time and effort into understanding the biomechanics of the foot and applying the information to the making of their shoe. This new perspective is one step to improving a dancer's training, resulting in a much more powerful, healthier and longer career."
Elaine De Giorgio, RTS Stott Pilates Certified, Certified Biomechanics Specialist, Toronto, Canada

“An athletic dancer prepares for their performance with balanced training and body awareness. The dancers' foot is key to a successful and satisfying career. We strive to reach the OPTIMAL WINDOW of good foot alignment combined with muscle flexibility and activated strength in order to reduce the incidence of overuse injuries affecting bone, ligaments and tendons. The Diamond Pointe is designed to prevent dancers from unnaturally engaging muscles to achieve a better line at the risk of maintaining positions of stress that may lead to muscle fatigue and tissue tightening. This shoe has innovative design features that allow a dancer to achieve excellent foot alignment paving the way for young healthy dancers to enjoy their art for many years to come. Good Foot Alignment + Balanced Conditioning (Flexibility & Strength) = OPTIMAL WINDOW.”
Julia M.K. Alleyne, BHSc (PT) MD CCFP Dip. Sport Medicine FACSM, Toronto, Canada
Medical Director, Sport C.A.R.E., Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre
2003-2004 President, Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine
Physician Consultant, National Ballet of Canada
2002 Winter Olympics, Canadian Core Medical Team
Chief Medical Officer, Skate Canada
Canadian Representative to International Sport Medicine Federation (FIMS)

“Forces that produce hyperflexion of the proximal tarsal joints (closest toe joints) of the foot cause muscles to weaken. This in turn, elicits a compensatory reaction of tightening, gripping and pain. The Diamond Pointe is designed not to allow for this hyperflexion because of the angle of contact of the shoe box on the ground, as well as the contact of the toes on shoe in the box.”
Scott Forhan, Resistance Training Specialist, Muscle Activation Therapist and owner of StrategEx studio (Stategic Exercise Technology), Toronto, Canada


Introducing the New Diamond Pointe Shoe to the Principal Line

Combining expert medical opinions with the professional needs of dancers, Chan Hon Goh is very proud to introduce the new ‘Diamond Pointe’ shoe – the very latest in pointe shoe advancement. The Diamond Pointe provides medically approved superior foot support with maximal cushioning. Dancers should feel confident and comfortable performing en pointe.

“I am very happy to provide the Diamond Pointe to the dance community. I regularly draw information from all tiers of dance professionals, in order to always be developing better products. I also work closely with the medical community to design shoes that benefit the health of dancers as they progress through their training. The Diamond Pointe is the latest result.”
Chan Hon Goh


  • Aimed at addressing and hopefully preventing common foot related injuries, as the Diamond Pointe will better align and support the foot
  • A strong wing block and a squared, flat, 90-degree formed re-enforced toe box
  • A graduating 3/4 shank
  • A (non-bulky) cushion and suede insole that supports where the foot needs it most and gives the shoe extra comfort
  • An easy to fit shoe, built to withstand long hours of rehearsals
  • 4 widths are available, plus extra narrow and extra wide


Suggested Price Range US $ $56 - $60 USD
  Suggested Price Range Canadian $   $76 - 80 CDN  
  Hand Sewn?   yes  
  Drawstring?   yes  
  Drawstring Type   elastic  
  Drawstring Placement   centre at top of the vamp  
  Width Sizes   narrow, medium, wide, extra wide, etc. X, XX, XXX, XXXX, with extra narrow and extra wide available to custom order  
  Vamp Choice   medium  
  Shank Material   leather inner piece for shank support, cardboard graduating 3/4 shank, foam cushion and
suede insole
  Shank Strengths   hard  
  Box Shape   broad, square  
  Box Strength   durable/ hard  
  Crown   low, moderate  
  Special Orders?   yes  
  Types of Special Orders   harder/softer shank strength, higher/lower vamp height, higher/lower heel height and /or sides,
full shank
  Street Shoe Size Conversion   European sizing system, Principal Pointe shoe size is usually 1 size smaller than street shoe size (example: street women's size 7 is
Principal size 36)
  Type of Foot Appropriate For   easy to fit shoe with emphasis on strength and durability, in consultation with doctors and specialists, this shoe is meant to support the alignment of the foot better  
  Level Of Dancer Appropriate For?
  Advanced, Pre-professional, Professional
(as advised by experienced fitters)
A good shoe fitting is key in finding the Principal shoe that is right for you.
Diamond Pointes are only available at retailers that take pride in finding the correct shoes for their customers.

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