Principal by Chan Hon Goh®


In her many years of dancing, Ms. Goh recognized a need for the development of top quality, professionally specified shoes, which would ease both the physical and financial pain of dancing. Along with her husband Chun Che, Ms. Goh launched Principal by Chan Hon Goh® in 1996. The company provides a successful line of pointe shoes and dance slippers that are sold in stores in every major Canadian city, parts of the United States, and Japan. Principal by Chan Hon Goh® is the only Canadian company to manufacture shoes that are designed by dancers for dancers.

Ms. Goh is passionate about giving back to the dance community and fostering the talents of young dancers. Every year Principal by Chan Hon Goh® donates a portion of its proceeds to dance competitions, festivals, and non-profit organizations across Canada.

Principal by Chan Hon Goh® currently offers: 4 styles of Pointe Shoes; 3 styles of Ballet Slippers; 2 styles of Character Shoes; one style of Shoe Bag; plus Custom-Made Men’s Boots.

Principal Shoes are available at the Goh Ballet Shop and other reputable dance retailers internationally.